Who we are

The smartwork solutions GmbH developed SMASHDOCs as a web application for easily and quickly writing and reviewing documents within or between enterprises. As a collaboration platform, all changes are tracked in one single version of a document instead of creating multiple versions. With its revolutionary change tracking technology, SMASHDOCs can consistently highlight changes that are new to the user. Comparing versions manually and proof-reading consequently become superfluous.

It is possible to use SMASHDOCs as a SaaS solution on smartwork solutions‘ German-based servers or as a Managed-Private-Cloud or On-Premise installation in an enterprise network. Thanks to the flexible API, SMASHDOCs can be easily integrated with existing web applications like social intranets, document management, content management or file sharing solutions. The Munich-based company was founded it 2013.

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Christian Marchsreiter

“Everyone who has ever been plagued by piles of versions and chaotic changes when reviewing documents, right away grasps the revolution that our solution is for word processing and collaborative authoring.”

Christian Marchsreiter, CEO smartwork solutions GmbH

“This innovative approach to managing collaboration within documents with version control will help you grow your productivity. SMASHDOCs will change the way your teams work together – smart and intelligent.”

Christian Gericke, CMO smartwork solutions GmbH

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