for public administration

Much easier.
And up to 10x faster than before.

Text reconciliation isn't easy

In public administration, a lot of documents have to be drafted and coordinated on a daily basis with many stakeholders, e.g. studies, reports, contracts and bills.

This is often quite a challenge.
the challenge of word processing without SMASHDOCs
Countless versions of a document
Time-consuming manual creation of synopses
Comments on the document as well as emails alongside them
Formatting and numbering
Conversion into machine-readable data formats (e. g. XML)

SMASHDOCs – It's easier and faster

SMASHDOCs is a web-based word processor for electronic text reconciliation for public administration.

It allows a lot of people to collaboratively draft, review, negotiate and convert documents into a perfectly formatted end product with just one click.

It's much easier and up to 10x faster than before.
Finally! An end to the flood of versions!
Intelligent version
No waiting and no more
lost time
Simultaneous online editing
For those who don't want to work online
Seamless collaboration with WORD users
Change tracking – radically simplified
Now completely automatic instead of via manual version comparisons
Ready in seconds instead of hours/days/weeks
Multi-document synopses
Output in any format with perfect layout
Usable immediately in a secure Managed Private Cloud or on own servers
Flexible installation and safe operation
E.g. in your specialist applications
Perfect and easy to

Create a synopsis of multiple documents

The following short video shows you how SMASHDOCs can be used to compare multiple WORD documents with a SMASHDOC in seconds, and how to create a synopsis that lets you instantly see changes and new comments.

SMASHDOCs is extremely versatile

  • Contracts
  • Administrative agreements
  • Decrees
  • Regulations
  • Bills
  • Key issues papers
  • Ordinances
  • Press releases
  • Speech drafts
  • Studies
  • Concepts
  • Assessments
  • Evaluation papers
  • Opinions
  • Reports of all kinds
  • Responses to parliamentary requests
  • Management, ministerial and cabinet templates
  • Circulars
  • Conversation, meeting or appointment minutes
  • Tendering or bidding documents
  • Grant decisions or other administrative acts subject to internal administrative coordination (e.g. in the construction sector)
  • (Budget-based) documents for the annual preparation of the federal budget
  • And much more

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