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SiteFusion is a modern best-of-breed Content Management and Publishing solution that uses its integrated BPM workflow engine on the one hand to optimize existing processes in the company and on the other hand enables the introduction of innovative, digital business models.
Since the early 2000s, SiteFusion has been regarded as an innovative industry solution for publishers in the area of content management and cross-media publishing. Media-neutral data storage in XML and the BPM workflow engine from camunda (, which has been integrated since the current release, allow publishers to react quickly and flexibly to new market requirements.

Based on the basic components, such as content and media asset management, standardized solutions enable the administration and production of books, magazines, loose-leaf works and the control of digital channels, such as online portals or e-commerce applications. A central aspect of SiteFusion is the management of the entire value-added chain in the publishing house, starting with the author, via classic departments such as editing, production or sales/marketing to typesetting service providers and

At the beginning of this value-added chain, i. e. in the collaboration between authors and proofreaders, SiteFusion relies on SMASHDOCs as a collaborative tool for authoring and editing content. Where Word manuscripts were previously exchanged in countless versions by e-mail or handwritten corrections were made on printed PDF documents, the combination of SiteFusion and SMASHDOCs revolutionizes the content creation process thanks to real time collaboration. SiteFusion assigns and controls the access rights of the users to the corresponding documents, which can be exported as Word-Manus Criterion to SMASHDOCs for conversion. From this point on, all authors and editors work in real time on an intelligent SMASHDOC and can make the customary adjustments, such as inserting or modifying texts, images, tables, etc. Once this process has been completed, SiteFusion automatically locks the modified document for further processing and stores it in the database in parallel as a granular, media-neutral XML document based on the stored XSD schema and in the context of a product. The product, with its metadata and revised content, is available for further processing in SiteFusion and can be transferred to the typesetting service provider, for example. Direct production of the printed work via Adobe InDesign Server or eBook via the parsX framework of pagina ( is also possible.

The connection was technically implemented via the REST-APIs of the two systems, the individual tasks are controlled via the workflow engine camunda integrated in SiteFusion. In this way, depending on the respective rights, it is possible for a publisher's employee to monitor the process at any time and see where the corresponding documents are located. This transparency leads to a higher efficiency in daily work, especially with a large number of documents or in the case of multi-author plants.

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