It's time for a revolution

Word processing reinvented.
Completely new.
Web-based word processing
in an entirely new dimension

With SMASHDOCs, as many users as you want can take on various roles and be granted different rights to create, review, and produce a document in a web browser.
Write directly in SMASHDOCs, import a Word document, copy content from other systems or send content from other apps via our API for revision in SMASHDOCs.
Review documents up to 10x faster than before - with no version and change chaos or annoying edit tracking changes by comparing versions.
Export the content of your document into any file format and design, with any desired data structure, with just a push of the button, or send it to another system via our API for continued processing.
And goodbye, version chaos!
SMASHDOCs bids adieu to the versions mess and automatically remembers each change for every section (text, image, table). So with just a click on any section you can see who made what changes and comments in it. You no longer have to manage and search through countless versions of a document.
Don't miss any more changes
SMASHDOCs automatically notifies you of new changes to your document via e-mail. Thus you are always informed of what's going on in the document.
Immediately see what's new for you
SMASHDOCs knows what changes and comments you have not yet seen and makes them easily visible for you. So you don't have to waste any more time comparing versions or on unnecessary proofreading.
Perfect design at the push of a button
You can export the content of your document in any desired format (e.g. MS Word, HTML, PDF, XML,INDD) and data structure. You thus receive a perfectly designed end product with just a click. A Word document in your user-defined design, for example. Or you can continue editing your content seamlessly in your CMS, InDesign or a different system.
More Highlights
Simultaneous editing
Work with others on your document at the same time and finalise it
10x faster than so far.
Roles & rights
Determine who can do and see what in your document. You thus always control what happens within your document.
Import an existing WORD document and review the content in SMASHDOCs.
Custom expansion
Need special formatting features, an interface from or to your CMS, special output formats or an Acrolinx integration? SMASHDOCs can be flexibly expanded.
Perfectly integratable
Integrate SMASHDOCs easily and quickly via our API into other web applications, e.g. as a new document type or collaborative web editor.
Unique functions
SMASHDOCs can do much more than traditional word processing programmes like MS Word or Google Docs thanks to its integrated intelligence. You can learn about the most important differences here.
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