Deactivate and reactivate a user

  • Posted by Laura Hausberger
  • On March 8, 2017

Receiving input from others when creating a document can be really useful.

But it might be the case that you need this input just for a certain period of time. That’s why, as of now you can deactivate a user in a document (and reactivate later if needed). The only condition is that you are the document administrator.

To deactivate a user, simply select the option “User list” in menu “Options”.


Deactivated users will be immediately notified by email and no longer be able to see the document in their document list. In case a user opened a document while being deactivated, he won’t be able to work on the document anymore and will be informed about the deactivation in a dialogue window. A deactivated user cannot find the document using the search function and isn’t able to access it via the document link.

Please note, document admin users can only be deactivated if there is at least one document admin user left after the deactivation.

But no worries: SMASHDOCs prevents that automatically.

Deactivated users immediately disappear from the list “Active” and are displayed only in the list “Inactive” from then on.

There you can again reactivate a deactivated user. Then the reactivated user appears in the list “Active” again and will be automatically notified per email. The user is now able to see the document in his document list again and to open it.

Of course, you can deactivate yourself as well, but please be aware that only a document admin user can reactivate you again 😉



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