Merge Cells in Tables

  • Posted by Laura Hausberger
  • On March 8, 2017

It is often useful to merge cells in tables.

Now it’s also possible in your SMASHDOCs tables – by row, by column or in any desired combination of coherent cells.

Simply click on a cell, hold down the left mouse button and mark the cells you want to merge. Make a right click on the selected area and choose the option “Merge cells” from the section context menu.


Thus only the cell content in the upper left side of the selected area will be taken over. The outcome for our example above looks like this:


Of course, you can split merged cells again into individual ones. To do so, make a left click on the merged cells, then press the right mouse button and select the option “Split cell” from the section context menu. In our example, your table looks like this:



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