Separating Content From Design

You don’t like coding all your documents in an XML editor or in design tools? Good, you don’t need to! Just write your document, structure your content and choose the final publishing format (such as XML, Word, indd..) when you’re exporting it.

At anytime, with just one click you can get a preview of your content in your final corporate design. Instead of involving a designer for showing you a preview you can do it on your own.

Forget about the never-ending training sessions – the web app is intuitive and easy to use. It guides the user through all features. You and your colleagues will get used to it as soon as you’ve started working with it.


Be Up To Date

There a lot of tools out there, such as writing tools, sharing tools, communication tools and your expensive change tracking tools. Many people combine these tools together, for instance, the word processing tool, email, chatting/ communication solution, document management tool and change tracking solutions. With SMASHDOCs, you can find everything you need in just one document and don’t need to switch channels, so no more worries about missing or losing any changes, proposals suggestions or other feedback. The intelligent document notifies you about all changes.

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SMASHDOCs Allows You To Focus

Even when working with 20 people, you only have one version to consider. This reduces version chaos, as everyone can focus on one document instead of cross checking multiple versions. And that makes a ton of a difference if you check how others do it. Don’t lose time and nerves for searching and finding the current version of a document. You always know what document to work on and see what is new for you.

SMASHDOCs advantages

The Magic Behind SMASHDOCs

The key difference is the intelligence in the document.

A lot of people don’t realize this but non-intelligent web based documents are all the same.You always end up with a lot of versions. Google Docs is even worse at this, it automatically creates a new version every 30 to 40 seconds.

SMASHDOCs, on the other hand, may look the same at first glance but it’s what you have in the background that really matters.

It is divided up into intelligent section fragments. Versions are created for each separate segment as opposed to the whole document.

There is a database running behind it, a web based platform for intelligent processing.

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Consistency Of Content

Keep in mind that your customers only see your content, they have no idea who is responsible for it and how many people are actually involved. But they recognize differences in the content, so you need to be consistent. With the help of SMASHDOCs, you can invite different teams to your documents and work closer with them. This content can then also be re-used for different purposes.


Internal And External Collaboration

You can collaborate not only with your friends and colleagues but also with third parties. Just invite them to your document and decide who can see the section history. As it is cloud-based, there is nothing else you have to do, such as downloading an app, etc. You can invite users without a SMASHDOCs account – they can quickly subscribe and start working on the respective documents with you.

SMASHDOCs can also be directly integrated into third party systems, such as CMS, intranets or others.

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Data Security

Data Security and availability is a high priority for us. SMASHDOCs is exclusively hosted on German servers that comply with strict regulations and the highest standard. In case you still need more security you can also deploy it on your own servers behind your firewall.

We have several deployment options available.

  • The Public Cloud offered to everyone to utilise.
  • Shared Private Cloud, on a server with other clients, operated by smartwork solutions.
  • Dedicated Private Cloud, on a server just used by you, operated by smartwork solutions.
  • Or on your own server, operated by you and supported by us.

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Full Control Over Your Document

Keep full control over your document by deciding who can invite new users as well as read, comment, review and approve content. Furthermore, you can decide who can see the section history. Decide as well who can see your comments and work in a confidential manner with your colleagues. Forget about unnecessary emails – instead why don`t you have private conversations in the document?



Produce Perfectly Designed And Formatted MS Word Documents

Word is great at designing documents, however, can be quite complicated and time-consuming to use. Once done in SMASHDOCs however, and exported, the formatting is something you no longer have to worry about. And also the table of contents, image and table numbering will be updated automatically. Gorgeous documents in MS Word format are created at the push of a button.

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Use MS Word But Not For Collaboration: Import

We know that nobody starts from a green field. A lot of your content is in MS Word files. SMASHDOCs gives you the possibility to import a WORD document in SMASHDOCs and then review it collaboratively with others.

Word Import SMASHDOCs

Granular User Concepts

Clear defined user roles make it easy to decide who can change what, and who can invite more people to a document. But that’s not all. You don’t want everybody to see what was changed and by whom? No problem! Decide who can see the section history. SMASHDOCs has clearly defined user roles – Approver, Editor, Commentator and Reader – allowing for securing compliance. Only users with approver rights can accept changes, but the good thing is, you can still see all changes in the section history. If you have been granted the rights to see them, of course.

User Roles Invitations

Save Time & Money

Different departments, content types and use cases have different requirements regarding authoring environments.

With SMASHDOCs you don’t need to switch between multiple writing tools. Thus all departments work in a unified environment but can still produce content in their required file or output format. And you don’t need to waste time going through different versions or searching for a comment you read somewhere. Once the document is ready, you can export it in the format you need, or your CI template at the click of a button.

By not using many different tools you also save money. And you can use this money and the saved time for other interesting things.

From now on you can work more efficiently. This helps you overcome silos in content creation.