What We Do

We understand. There’s plenty of tools out there for content creation—but with so many tools, things often fall through the cracks.

Using SMASHDOCs, all authoring, reviewing, and publishing is housed in one, intelligent document. Our intelligent document tracks and notifies of real-time proposals, suggestions, and any other feedback. No more back and forth across channels or converting computer files. Therefore, no need to worry about missing a change or working in an old version.

With SMASHDOCs, collaboration is under one roof.

How it works

In a nutshell, SMASHDOCs is a web-based authoring environment with a database behind the scenes, specialising in intelligent processing.

Each document is divided into intelligent sections. When edits are done in a section, a version is generated for each separate section as opposed to the entire document.

We track and archive each change in each section, giving you time and peace of mind.


What We Deliver

Consistent Content

With SMASHDOCs, invite teams from different departments to work on documents together.
The look and feel of content will be uniform and can be repurposed for various departmental needs. Signal confidence to your customers by the professional look of content.

Improve quality control by deciding who has access to a document. Invite document members to review and hold private conversations on content.

The defined roles of Approver, Editor, Commentator, and Reader structure feedback, equipping a team to deliver a coherent success.


Separate Content and Design

SMASHDOCs gives you the freedom to separate content and design.

Here’s what we mean:
Incorporating design elements into a document is time-consuming and often, complicated.

Create your content and don`t worry about the final end-product. With the pre-configured, corporate templates, you get your final product without the need of involving a designer or a specialist for formatting.

You can do it all by yourself – whilst exporting the final content with only one click in the desired format.
No more coding in an XML editor or Design Tools.

SMASHDOCs’ intuitive usage takes out the design guesswork while maintaining individual identity.

Time & Efficiency

Whether it’s an internal team working on a project, a few departments, or multiple organisations, there is usually a scramble to produce an efficient workflow.

This takes significant time and costs.

For those tricky assignments, increase quality control of internal and external exchange by inserting SMASHDOCs as your focal point of content discussion and delivery.
At any point in the creation process, generate a preview of the potential final product.

This gives you time and control to continue or to stop and make improvements. Our rapid creation and review feedback loop means serious bottom-line savings. With InDesign, for example, a designer only has to polish the document before sending it off for completion.

SMASHDOCs’ unifying environment produces ease in cross-collaboration. Users access the updated version with tailored notifications of comments, edits, and questions. Then, when a document is ready, export it into nearly any desired file format.

Relinquish the half-effective process of using multiple channels and time and money.


  • Version Control
  • Change Tracking
  • In-Tool Communication
  • Personalized Notifications