Document Collaboration as a Service

SMASHDOCs is a web-based word processing platform for jointly creating and reviewing document content and producing it in every desired format and design.

You can use SMASHDOCs as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated solution with other applications.


Write new documents in SMASHDOCs or import them from external files (e.g. MS Word).

You can also add content from other applications via our API (e.g. a CMS system or a document generation solution). You take over content from your business application, and you will be able to edit your content with your peers.

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Once you have saved content in SMASHDOCs, you can use our broad range of functions for efficiently editing, discussing and reviewing it, e.g.

  • autosave all changes section by section
  • change tracking for every text section, image and table
  • change suggestions and approval
  • automatic highlighting of new changes according to a user’s state of knowledge
  • Role and rights management; every user can only do what he is allowed to do
    • just read
    • comment
    • suggest changes
    • approve changes


Having processed all change suggestions and comments, you can create a final document version with the touch of a button, e.g. a WORD or PDF file or an HTML page – perfectly designed and formatted in line with your specifications.

Or create reports at any point during or at the end of the review process, e.g. compliance reports with all changes and comments so far or a news report that shows you all changes and comments you have not seen so far.

Or just send the document content from SMASHDOCs to another application (e.g. a CMS system to save it as a new version and publish it).

SMASHDOCs can create every desired file format in any data structure, e.g. an XML in line with your individual requirements so that you can process it in another application (e.g. your CMS, your publishing system, etc.)

Upon request, we can provide you with individual export formats.

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