ChangesSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
Managing changesPer sectionIn endless versionsNo versionsIn endless versionsYes, in terms of comments
Automatically saving changes per sectionYesNoNoNoNo
Seeing all reviews of a text section with one clickYesNoNoNoNo
Seeing all pre-versions of an image with one clickYesNoNoNoNo
Seeing all reviews of a table with one clickYesNoNoNoNo
Automatically highlighting changes which are new to the userYesNoNoNoNo
Suggesting changesYesYesNoYesNo
Accepting or rejecting a single word from a change suggestion which consits of multiple wordsYesYesNoNoNo
Decisions (final deleting or acceptance) are tracked comprehensiblyYesNoNoNoNo

CommentingSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
Comments remain even if the commented words are deletedYesNoNoNoNo
Random deletion of comments is not possibleYesNoNoNoNo
Private notes only visible to youYesNoNoNoNo
Private discussions visible only for selected usersYesNoNoNoNo
Seeing all comments (open and closed) per section with one click - incl. all answers and the state of the section at the time the comment was createdYesNoNoNoNo

 SMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
Simultaneous editingYesNoYesYesYes
Getting immediately notified when another user creates a change suggestion, a new comment or a new answer somewhere in the documentYesNoNoNoNo
New changes and comments or answers to comments are immediately comprehensibleYesNoNoNoNo

Automatically created listsSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
Table of contentsYesYes, but manual configurationYes, but manual configurationYes, but only with Add-On (not from Google) and not automaticallyNo
List of figuresYesYes, but manual configurationYes, but manual configurationNoNo
List of tablesYesYes, but manual configurationYes, but manual configurationNoNo
List of footnotesYesYes, but manual configurationYes, but manual configurationNoNo
List of weblinksYesNoNoNoNo
Automatic updates of all listsYesNoYesYesNo

Cross-referencesSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip a headingYesYesYesYesNo an imageYesYesYesYesNo a tableYesYesYesNoNo
Preview of the linked image by clicking on the cross-referenceYesYesYesNoNo
Preview of the linked table by clicking on the cross-referenceYesNoNoNoNo
Updating the numbering of all cross-references after structural changesYesNoNoNoNo

NotificationsSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
Unique notification per mail when there are new changes in a documentYesNoNoNoNo
Seeing with one click all documents with new changesYesNoNoNoNo
Seeing immediately in the document if there are new changes and comments to an user - when opening it as well as when working simultaneouslyYesNoNoNoNo

ExportingSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
The design is created only when exporting the document (writing "without design")YesNoNoNoNo
Exporting your document with one click into a Word document with completely different designs from any number of individual formatsYesNoNoNoNo
Creating every desired file format and data structureYesNoNoNoNo

ReportsSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
Creating a report with one click which contains all previous changes and commentsYesNoNoNoNo
Creating a report with one click which highlights all new changes and new comments/answers which are new to an userYesNoNoNoNo
Creating a report with one click which contains only all open commentsYesNoNoNoNo

IntegrationSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
API for integration as new content type in other applicationsYesNoNoNoNo
API for integration as new collaborative content type in other applicationsYesNoNoNoNo
Settings for roles and rights are operated by the main applicationYesNoNoNoNo

SundriesSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
Correcting automatically illogical numberingYesNoNoNoNo
Drag&Drop of images, tables and text in the documentYesNoNoNoNo
Creating hyperlinks in specific sectionsYesNoNoNoNo
Personal section bookmarksYesNoNoNoNo
Tags for documentsYesNoNoNoNo
Search for document via tags, whereby automatically more tags are added for a better search which are combined with the previous chosen tag combinationYesNoNoNoNo

Service / InstallationSMASHDOCsWord FileWord OnlineGoogle DocsQuip
In your personal Privat Cloud of your providerYesNoNoNoNo
Private Cloud in a German data centerYesNoNoNoNo
On your very own serverYesNoNoNoNo