The SMASHDOCs solution for agreement projects is now fully integrated into the d.velop app store. As a result, more than 11,000 companies with more than 2.6 million specialized users now have access to SMASHDOCs. With the agreement projects solution, SMASDHDOCs has succeeded simplifying collaboration in drafting, negotiating and signing contracts, offering the world’s leading solution for all project stakeholders to collaborate from the first draft to e-signing. Whether medium-sized companies or large corporations, SMASHDOCs’ solution is suitable for companies in all sectors, including insurance companies, banks, finance companies and industrial enterprises.

Strong demand for a collaborative, audit-proof solution

The integration of the new SMASHDOCs app will considerably increase the degree of utilization and the market share of the d.velop platform. In their  tenders and especially in view of the COVID-19 crisis, companies are increasingly asking for collaborative, audit-proof solutions to accelerate and simplify their agreement projects in a legally compliant manner. “Integrating ‘SMASHDOCs for agreement projects’ generates a significant competitive advantage for d.velop,” says Christian Marchsreiter, Managing Director of Toppan Merrill GmbH, which is considered the technology leader in the area of collaborative agreement solutions. “This creates an attractive win-win situation, because d.velop conversely offers us broad, direct access to more than 11,000 enterprise customers with 2.6 million users, who already appreciate the benefits of modern d.velop solutions like document management, workflows and web-based contract management,” adds Marchsreiter. More than 300 specialized partners of d.velop make their Enterprise Content Services available worldwode an can now sell SMASHDOCs solutions.

SMASHDOCs is preparing further solutions for the d.velop app store

Further SMASHDOCs solutions will be integrated into the d.velop app store in the very near future, including two versions of “SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing”, one for the creation of prospectuses within the scope of capital market transactions and one for fund prospectuses. In addition, two further solutions for annual financial reports and public sector brochure production will be made available via the d.velop app store before the end of this year.

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