SMASHDOCs, the world’s leading development and marketing platform for collaborative word processing solutions, now has an interface for direct file storage in DRACOON. The first SMASHDOCs solution, Agreements Projects, is now available to all DRACOON users for a free 30-day trial period. Through the interface, about 400,000 DRACOON business users now have access to SMASHDOCs. Furthermore, sales partners can resell SMASHDOCs solutions with the integrated DRACOON interface. DRACOON is the market leader in the field of enterprise file services in the German-speaking region. It is a highly secure platform for storing, managing and sending files.

DRACOON and SMASHDOCs target strong growth

“SMASHDOCs’ technology and market position are truly unique. SMASHDOCs’ solutions significantly enhance the productivity and workflows of their users”, says Marc Schieder, one of DRACOON’s managing directors. “The interface gives us a sustainable competitive advantage and, when it comes to tenders, clearly differentiates us from our competitors. At the same time, use of our platform is increasing and the new functions will allow us to further expand our user base”, adds Schieder. “Our new interface and sales collaboration with DRACOON unlock significant sales and scaling potential in German-speaking countries and enable us to continue our rapid growth”, says Christian Marchsreiter, Managing Director of Toppan Merrill GmbH, which develops and markets SMASHDOCs.

Effortless functionality

The interface between SMASHDOCs and DRACOON is designed to be as clear and simple as possible. When exporting a file from SMASHDOCs, e.g. as a Word, PDF or InDesign file, users can select a corresponding folder in DRACOON and save their file in their chosen folder with a single click. They can even overwrite an existing file in DRACOON in the same way. If they do so, DRACOON automatically creates a new version of the file. Thanks to the permanent interface between SMASHDOCs and DRACOON, there is no need for a separate login to DRACOON. Those who already use MS WORD in combination with Onedrive can now take advantage of all the SMASHDOCs benefits while simultaneousely utilize the superior security concept of Germany-based DRACOON.

DRACOON meets the highest standards of security

DRACOON and its platform have made it their mission to help users regain sovereignty over their data. The platform is universally applicable. All of the features can be accessed via the public API, so every customer has access to the DRACOON platform’s full range of features for integration purposes. The DRACOON platform has been named a leader by top independent analysts, including ISG, and various certifications, seals and assessments confirm that DRACOON meets the highest standards of security.

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