SMASHDOCs, the world’s leading development and marketing platform for collaborative word processing, has introduced a new solution for creating annual reports. SMASHDOCs users can now create annual reports faster, more cost-effectively and more securely than ever before. “SMASHDOCs revolutionises the way businesses create annual reports. Our software solution enables corporations, credit institutions, insurance companies, cooperatives and public institutions to reduce the effort required to create and publish their annual reports. What’s more, it significantly accelerates their processes”, says Christian Marchsreiter, Managing Director of SMASHDOCs.

Faster processes, lower costs

The new SMASHDOCs solution for annual reports allows teams to work on reports simultaneously, across departments and company boundaries. Users will appreciate how easy it is to reconcile different versions and will be happy to say goodbye to the flood of emails that normally accompanies the drafting of an annual report. When time is of the essence, SMASHDOCs saves time. It also saves money by eliminating external agency costs for typesetting and layout. Companies can select the final layout and create printable PDFs themselves at any time. This means that reports can go through any number of change and correction runs without any additional costs. Moreover, managing different versions and making changes is totally straightforward and audit-proof at all times. 

“All in all, SMASHDOCs can cut the cost of producing an annual report by up to 90%”, says Marchsreiter. Companies pay a fixed monthly fee for SMASHDOCs. No matter how many revisions they make or how many pages their annual report contains, their costs remain the same. Licenses for SMASHDOCs can also be terminated on a monthly basis, which ensures that companies only have to pay the fee for as long as it takes to draft their reports. 

Audit-proof processes

In order to meet the requirements of companies in highly regulated markets, SMASHDOCs also automatically logs the entire report drafting process in a single, audit-proof solution. During online editing, the patented, section-by-section versioning technology guarantees the audit-proof storage of every change, suggestion and decision, together with all comments, in a single document that can be tracked at any time at the touch of a button. Whenever new changes or comments are added, SMASHDOCS patented “Adaptive Redlining” technology ensures that every user is automatically notified and can immediately see the updates that are relevant to them in the document. Existing data from MS Word and Excel can also be imported. Users can export their reports in their chosen format (PDF, InDesign, Html website) at any time and SMASHDOCs makes sure that the design and layout look professional and are in line with the company’s specified corporate design guidelines. 

Market potential of at least EUR 1.5 billion in Germany alone

Of the approximately 100,000 companies in Germany that have to file annual reports, approximately three-quarters are SMEs with a range of 10 to 250 employees. Depending on a company’s size, its annual report, containing its balance sheet, income statement, notes and management report, can comprise from 40 to 200 pages. While larger corporations often want to leverage their annual reports to enhance their corporate image, SMEs tend to pay more attention to getting the best value for their money. “This is precisely where SMASHDOCs for annual reports comes in”, explains Marchsreiter. “With professional templates, annual reports always look good and companies will never have to pay another cent to design agencies. With reports costing an average of EUR 20,000 to draft and design, SMASHDOCs can save companies up to 90%. As an added benefit, our solution also significantly accelerates workflows and processes”, adds Marchsreiter. With its disruptive approach, the company conservatively estimates a market share of 5% within three years. “There is no comparable solution anywhere in the world. And thanks to SMASHDOCs’ easy integration with other solutions, including Microsoft Teams, which has 75 million active daily users, we will not only be successful in the German market in the near future, but globally”, says Marchsreiter.

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