SMASHDOCs is continuing to accelerate its international expansion plans and is rolling out SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing in South America. The solution allows issuers, banks and legal professionals to reduce the costs associated with producing financial documents such as securities prospectuses by up to 90 percent. In addition, the production process takes about half as long as it would with a financial printer. Alexander Salz is the industry expert who has been appointed to drive SMASHDOCs’ expansion in South America. He is an experienced and respected expert in the South American market and with him on board, issuers, banks and law firms in South America will now also be able to take advantage of the benefits of SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing. Marcus Behrend, head of SMASHDOCs’ Financial Printing business unit, is pushing the global rollout campaign. He is already talking with potential partners in the U.S. and Asia.

SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing completely digitalises the production of financial documents and delivers a dramatic increase in efficiency. This represents a seismic digital shift for the South American financial printing market. The SMASHDOCs solution can potenially generate annual license revenues in the two to three-digit million range. Alexander Salz has a deep understanding of the specifics of the South American market and outstanding relationships with banks and legal professionals across the entire continent. Having spent more than ten years with DFIN (Donnelley Financial Solutions), Salz is a stalwart industry expert and has worked on countless IPOs, capital increases and bond transactions. His distinguished roster of clients includes Petrobras, Vale, CPFL Reno-váveis, Banrisul, Intermedica, Azul, PagSeguro, Estacio, Multiplan and Minerva.

Auditable change tracking

Unlike traditional word processing solutions, SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing automatically logs all changes to create a complete audit trail. The solution also does away with the typical flood of emails, comments and document versions, giving legal professionals complete control over the document drafting process for the first time. SMASHDOCs’ easy-to-use solution also allows users to create perfectly laid out, print-ready versions of prospectues with a single click of the mouse. Numerous renowned companies such as Wolters Kluwer, Baker McKenzie and the German Pension Insurance already use SMASHDOCs solutions extensively.

Financial printers are out of a job

SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing digitally disrupts an entire industry, rendering all of the manual, cost-intensive steps involved in traditional financial printing obsolete. The number of pages or changes no longer have any impact whatsoever on costs. Any number of proofs can now be drafted at no extra cost and at any time, making time-consuming drafting and final approval sessions at the financial printers a thing of the past. SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing cuts external financial printers completely out of the document drafting and layout loop.

Avoiding a lockdown for capital market transactions

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are increasingly looking for solutions that streamline direct coordination within their financial document project groups. And they are finding that traditional financial printers do not have the technical solutions that will allow them to quickly and accurately apply changes to their documents. These requirements are now being met by a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service solution – SMASHDOCs for Financial Printing. And, given the sensitivity of financial data, all data from South American projects are stored on servers in South America, so the data never leave the continent.

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