SMASHDOCs, the world’s leading development and marketing platform for collaborative word processing solutions, and SmartDocuments, the market leader in the field of automated document creation, have developed an interface between their two systems. The intelligent document generator from SmartDocuments allows users to quickly and easily create and customise error-free draft documents, like contracts or legal filings in mass litigation cases, thanks to simple user guidance and a user-friendly Q&A screen. SmartDocuments has been the market leader in this field for many years and serves more than 500 organizations in more than 40 countries. SMASHDOCs simplifies and accelerates collaborative reviewing and negotiating on all types of documents. SMASHDOCs solutions are already available for a wide range of applications, including book publishing, annual reports, financial printing, agreement projects, and many more.

Interface extends functionality of both systems to create significant competitive advantages

Marco Drost, founder and CEO of SmartDocuments: “The new SMASHDOCs interface offers the kind of exciting new functionality our users have come to expect from us, and demand is growing”. Whenever a SmartDocuments’ user creates a document that still needs to be reviewed internally or negotiated with a counterparty, the draft can now be output directly via SMASHDOCs rather than as a Word document, thereby allowing users to take full advantage of SMASHDOCs’ extensive package of collaborative features. Especially in terms of eliminating the flood of different document versions, the tidal wave of emails, and the audit-proof documentation of comments, change proposals and approvals, SMASHDOCs’ patented section-by-section version control and ‘Adaptive Redlining’ set completely new standards. “Thanks to our new SMASHDOCs interface, our stand-alone solution becomes a modern document lifecycle platform, and allows us to clearly differentiate ourselves from our direct competitors and become even more successful in tenders”, adds Marco Drost.

80% time-saving, automated and audit-proof documentation

The combination of SmartDocuments and SMASHDOCs creates enormous benefits for users, especially in the field of agreement creation and negotiation. Users are able to create their draft agreements in SmartDocuments before seamlessly collaborating on them online in SMASHDOCs, efficiently managing their document creation workflows from the first draft all the way through to adding the final, legally binding electronic signatures to the finalised document. Users who like to work in Microsoft Word can seamlessly participate in the online process at any time thanks to smart Word export and reimport functionalities. The solution is 80% faster compared to pure MS Word and email-based processes and guarantees 100% automated and audit-proof logging of the entire document creation history. Another advantage for SmartDocuments’ users is the full integration of SMASHDOCs in Microsoft Teams. Users are now able to create SmartDocuments’ documents in a Microsoft Teams Channel and collaborate on them instantaneously.

SMASHDOCs’ app ecosystem is expanding exponentially

“We couldn’t be more excited about the new interface with SmartDocuments. Not only do our customers now have access to one of the most powerful document assembly systems on the market, it is also seamlessly integrated into SMASHDOCs”, says Christian Marchsreiter, Managing Director of SMASHDOCs. A rapidly growing number of major technology partners are launching interfaces to link their solutions to the SMASHDOCs platform, seamlessly integrating digital signatures, automated translation and the creation of professional print quality PDF and InDesign files into SMASHDOCs’ collaborative word processing solutions. “The SMASHDOCs’ app ecosystem is expanding much faster than we could have ever hoped, creating completely new benefits and solutions in the field of collaborative word processing. Integrating SmartDocuments marks a significant milestone in terms of Q&A-based document creation as a pre-stage for review and collaboration in SMASHDOCs”.

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