For Reseller, OEM Partners and System Integrators

Do you want to work with us to generate new opportunities and offer a broader range of tech solutions to your clients? Are you looking to add a valuable tool to your portfolio, enhance your customer experience and offering, while gaining a long-term competitive advantage?

Become a Partner

Working together with SMASHDOCs is a two-way street, that is mutually benefitial and rewarding. Our partners are a growing community of some of the best and brightest system integrators and solution providers.

Our partnership agreements are entered into to deliver the maximum flexibility and offering a wide range of options. By carefully analysing current demands as well as anticipated requirements we establish and quickly qualify how SMASHDOCs can fit into your business model.

OEM Partners

The OEM Program provides software vendors and technology providers with a simple approach to integrate SMASHDOCs into their software solutions. Or alternatively to use SMASHDOCs as an add-on module to their existing product offering.

Once you become a partner, we enable you to market and sell your ‘Powered by SMASHDOCs’ solution with everything you need. Embed SMASHDOCs and on top of this ensure a customised solution built under your corporate brand.

System Integrators

Having a generic approach to IT systems and with access to dedicated skilled personal, our System Integrator (SI) partners deliver start-to-finish, end-to-end solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing software.

System integrators provide implementation, integration and consulting services for SMASHDOCs customers. Smartworks Solutions collaborates with these influential services firms in its target industry to help increase market share, build new customer relationships and enhance existing customer experiences.

The list above is not comprehensive, we understand the complexities in forging modern IT ecosystems. So if you think your market or requirements are too broad or perhaps very niche, we may still share some common ground and be able to build upon this to add value, depth, volume and reach. Request a referral by clicking here to contact the SMASHDOCs team directly at email or phone.

For Resellers

You may not currently offer intelligent document collaboration tools but many of your clients will almost certainly be creating and collaborating on documents. Maybe they have asked for your assistance in this area? Or, you have identified a need and want to seize an opportunity to get more involved? Either way we can work with you.

Become a Reseller

The age of cloud computing has dawned, be a part of the revolution and join us to meet the growing demands of the market.

Thinking and acting globally, we are always looking for suitable distributors, dealers and resellers who share our values and visions. With an outward looking mentality we are eager to hear from potential future Value Added Resellers, working together to expand our horizons and broaden our prospects.

The reseller programme has been designed to efficiently maintain a productive relationship between all parties involved. Support, guidance and promotional material will be provided to ensure that all the foundations necessary for success are available in the first instance.

Allowing our resellers to become exceptionally qualified, knowledgable and capable of working with us as well as their clients competently.

If you want to become a reseller for our SMASHDOCs offering, please click here.

What our Resellers and Partners can expect

  • Marketing Support – Partners can qualify for access to dedicated marketing resources for assistance in developing marketing initiatives that increase and accelerate lead acquisition.
  • Technical Training and Certification – Smartwork solutions provides training delivered by our staff at headquarters or regional training facilities, online, or via a computer-based training option.
  • Web-based Support – Partners have access to an extensive knowledge base, online technical information, FAQs, configuration tools and software downloads.
  • Lead Referral Fee – Partners can earn a referral fee for qualified leads
  • Deal Registration – The Deal Registration Program defines a process for managing and protecting prospect opportunities that are generated by a partner

We will refrain from producing an exhaustive list because we listen carefully to our partners in all sectors and deliver a truly unique and optimal solution.