Project Description

Drafting case or client agreements, preparing contracts, and indexing important documents needs to become efficiently digitized – in essence, more collaborative than ever.

As the world of work evolves, teams are now often dispersed, adding a layer of process complexity to the task at hand. As intricate legal document are, the more time- consuming it becomes to track of all changes, document revisions, comments, and approvals.

Digital document collaboration is ultimately going to become a competitive edge for law firms and other law practices. Efficiency creates speed and allows for greater quality control, giving industry players an edge. We already see how our tailored solution can align with industry challenges. Already features such as red-lining with counterparty and contracts assembly with pre-existing clauses/ paragraphs are a few things we already recognize and implement.

This is of particular importance for hi-calibre business and transactional documents, where full process control and ease of use are critical to provide a consistent overview of changes, comments, and proposals. Furthermore, it eliminates the time-intensive step of converting documents into various digital formats.

How can law firms take full advantage of SMASHDOCs?

SMASHDOCs is extremely easy and flexible to use and integrate. It works as a stand-alone-solution, but can also be integrated into third-party-services. Add-ons and other applications or platforms can be integrated within days. The powerful import and export capabilities tailors easy adoption to client needs. The user-/ rights management would be capable of managing internal access for Associates, Junior and Senior-level staff and external access for clients. Flexible deployments from Public Cloud to onPremise installation provides significant data-security and protection.

Interestingly, word processing has not made significant strides over the past 30 years. Even with the creation of the cloud, it provided only minimal progress and did not truly solve the daily struggles of document collaboration.

SMASHDOCs is based on a completely new, patent-secured, word processing technology. It manages document content, in-document communication, draft, review and production processes much easier and up to 10x faster when compared to MS Word, Google Docs, or Quip.


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