Project Description

In the pharmaceutical industry, guidelines are amended on a routine basis, from pricing strategy to drug safety regulations.

Therefore, in matters of emergency, (such as Safety Operating Procedures) written governance must be adjusted and updated while ensuring all stakeholders of the most updated version. Sending countless Word documents back and forth creates inconsistencies that might have far-reaching implications on policy, such as drug safety.

Document review is usually done through email before changes are manually inserted into the existing document. 27% of employees will choose to print documents first, edit them by hand, and then digitalise the changes.

With SMASHDOCs, since all updates and changes are housed within one document, document member only work with the latest version. It’s nearly impossible to miss a comment or edit with the in-document notification system.

For pharmaceutical companies, this ease means efficiency. Package inserts, product modifications, and announcements on ground-breaking medicines become faster and more reliable to implement. Multiple stakeholders within a company–from Regulatory Affairs to in-house Physicians –are now equipped to work together to accelerate a process that can ultimately save lives.


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