Project Description

The problem: inefficiency due to chaos

For publishers, most manuscripts are still submitted using MS Word. Proofreading and the formatting process also continue to take place in this program.

This approach results in significant loss of time and chaos:

  • countless versions of a document
  • changes and approvals that need to be taken care of
  • comments in the document and
  • a flood of emails

FINAL EN Problem until now

With the traditional process, each new version of a document’s changes must be tracked and numerous versions collated.

It is often difficult and time-consuming for editors to track whether their proposed changes have been seen and accepted by authors.

The final manuscript is painstakingly converted into a format which must seamlessly fit into a professional publishing solution.

The team facilitating the project do not work in parallel, but rather one after the other which prolongs the project timeline.

 The solution: SMASHDOCs

SMASHDOCs is a completely new, web-based word processing solution which eases the task of proofreading and formatting of manuscripts for all parties – easier than with MS Word or Google Docs. For publishers, its ready-to-print configuration makes it simple to finalize manuscripts into any desired format with a click of a button.


Online proofreading with simultaneous editing

All document members work together on a document via a web browser. It’s effortless to collaborate with time delay or simultaneously if desired.

Therefore the process—from manuscript submission to publishing the final version—accelerates due to the immediate involvement of the entire team.

Intelligent management of changes and comments

In contrast to conventional word processing solutions such as MS Word or Google Docs, SMASHDOCs does not produce new versions of a document when changes are made. Rather it automatically notes changes within an individual section made to texts, tables, and images.

Intelligent_ENThe complete change and comment history of each section can be tracked with just a click.

Version chaos, sending emails with Word attachments back and forth and sending paper copies per post is finally a thing of the past.

Adaptive redlining: identify new changes immediately

Thanks to our patented “Adaptive Redlining” technology, there is no need to compare document versions manually to track changes and comments.

When new changes and/or comments in a document are made SMASHDOCs informs the user by highlighting each change automatically and guiding the user through the document. This also works in the cases when the user works simultaneously with others on a document.

All individual formatting specifications also in web editor

Publishers can easily integrate their format specifications into the modular concept SMASHDOCs provides, so that documents in editor can be formatted according to the specifications of the publisher.

Production-ready data in seconds

Converting files from a Word document to a production-ready XML format or an InDesign file takes hours. But with SMASHDOCs, this process happens within seconds.

export_ENThanks to the flexible data management, the content of a document can be exported at any time into any desired data format (HTML, XML, InDesign, etc.). Even the individual data structure of the publisher can be taken into account so that, for example, an XML file exported from SMASHDOCs can seamlessly fit into a professional publishing system.

Conversion lasting for hours is now a thing of the past since SMASHDOCs exports data in just a few seconds.

In addition, SMASHDOCs can effortlessly transfer and/or receive data directly through an interface from other systems.

Modern web platform and intelligent word processing for publishers

1. Create


Word-based manuscripts easily import to SMASHDOCs.

SMASHDOCs can be used as authoring platform where authors write on their own or in collaboration with others, sharing progress with editors, staff, and friends. When the final version of the manuscript is ready, it can be quickly submitted for review to a publisher.

2. Review

The author’s manuscript is reviewed by all parties within SMASHDOCs simultaneously or time-delayed to finalize content and formatting.

SMASHDOCs can be used in conjunction with external services like a spell-check software following a certain standard or even a professional linguistic-check software. These services can be utilized in the creation phase to minimize effort in the review process.

3. Produce

SMASHDOCs is built to readily produce a professionally designed preview of a Word, PDF, HTML document, perfectly structured XML etc. Even InDesign files and e-books can be quickly generated. With SMASHDOCs, producing the final result has never been so simple.

What sets SMASHDOCs apart from traditional solutions

SMASHDOCs no ordinary word processor.

 SMASHDOCsMS Word FileMS Word OnlineGoogle Docs
Versioning approachper paragraphdocument versions 
= the well-known chaosdocument versions 
= the well-known chaos (this time online)document versions = the well-known chaos (this time online)
Automatic highlighting of new changes per user („Adaptive Redlining“)yesnonono
Automatic highlighting of comments with news per useryesnonono
Recognizability of accepted/deleted proposed changesyesnonono
Confidential comments that are visible only for selected usersyesnonono
(centrally configurable and manageable)yesyes, but not centrally configurable and manageableyes, but not centrally configurable and manageableyes, but not centrally configurable and manageable
Installation"Private Cloud on a server at smartwork solutions or
On Premise
 on your own server"
storage on a computer / server of your choiceonly Public Cloud with Microsoftonly Public Cloud with Google
Data storage/data protectionGermanyDepending where it is savedGermany, but with US mother companyUSA
InDesign export using publisher's templatesyesnonono
XML export in accordance to the publisher's DTDyesnonono
Individual adjustments, for example roles/rights, workflows, exports, etc.yesnonono


SMASHDOCs is the ideal text-processing solution for publishers who wish to optimize their processes and remain ahead of the competition

  • A modern web portal where authors work together with the publisher to proofread and format. Writers can also utilize it as an authoring portal
  • Automatic archiving of changes and conversations in a single document instead of a flood of document versions and emails
  • Simultaneous editing speeds up all process steps
  • Extremely fast and easy tracking of unseen changes thanks to automatic highlighting (“Adaptive Redlining”)
  • Flexible customization and extension possibilities ensure optimal performance and quality
  • Secure data storage in a cloud installed on a server of choice

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