SMASHDOCs is free for individuals. You can benefit from all our awesome features for reviewing documents collaboratively.

SMASHDOCs Premium is made for enterprises and organisations. Your very own SMASHDOCs application will be securely installed in a shared or private cloud environment or your own data center. Get your customized templates and choose from different of formats for exporting your documents. Our world-class support guarantees high availability and smooth performance.


For individuals

No support


0 €/month

Premium Options


For corporate usage

Corporate-style/individual templates

Wide range of export formats (XML, ePub, idd, etc.)

Different deployment options

Enterprise class support & SLA

9 €/user a month

Installation and support packages as well as
creation of specific export formats available upon request.

For any questions concerning our product or pricing, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Find out more about SMASHDOCs for non-profit organisations or universities.