You can operate SMASHDOCs as a stand-alone solution, but also integrate it into other applications as a new tool, e.g. in

  • document management systems
  • file-sharing solutions
  • intranets, social intranets
  • CMS-/ ECM/ WCM systems
  • Document Assembly / Generation solutions

This way, SMASHDOCs works as a “service” in your document and business workflow.

Together with partners, we have already created several integrations in only a few days, e.g. into







When integrated into another (“leading”) application, SMASHDOCs automatically submits content to that main application.

User management including roles and rights management remains in the lead application, which then controls SMASHDOCs.

A user can for example only open SMASHDOCs documents if he is logged into the lead application and has access to the context, in which the document has been stored (e.g. a folder, a group, or a project page).

You want to integrate SMASHDOCs into your own application? No problem.

That’s what our API is for, including a detailed instruction on how to quickly and easily build the integration.

Get your free API key here.