Real-time adjustment and verification of cross-references

  • Posted by Laura Hausberger
  • On March 27, 2017

Documents, like contracts, IT proposals and instruction manuals, tend to possess significant amounts of cross referencing that involve multiple sections, images or tables. It’s been a challenge to keep track of cross-references.

But SMASHDOCs offers outstanding functions that structure the typical jumbled mess of tracking.


Cross-references are automatically adjusted when needed

Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges has been numbering cross-references. Manual adjustments would have to occur when new numbered text sections, images, or tables were inserted or deleted.

In SMASHDOCs, adjustments are now done automatically.

When content is inserted or deleted and thus changes the numbering sequence of the document, SMASHDOCs checks immediately with all cross-references and adjusts accordingly.

In other words, you’re given the ability to concentrate on writing and reviewing your document while SMASHDOCs works in parallel to ensure cross-reference numbering remains correct.


Broken cross-references become visible immediately

It’s not uncommon when one user deletes a text section, an image, or a table which served as a reference to another section, resulting in a “broken” cross-reference. To avoid this error, a document would have to be manually proofed. For especially longer and more complex content, this is an incredible misuse of resources.

SMASHDOCs ensures better use of your time.

The moment a broken cross-reference occurs, a red tab with an exclamation mark appears in the tab bar. Simply click on the exclamation mark and SMASHDOCs shows the list of all sections which contain broken cross-references. Select an item from the list and SMASHDOCs navigates you directly to the exact sentence where the broken cross-reference occurs. With this, you can quickly solve the problem by inserting a reference or deleting it.

Once there are no broken cross-references in document, the red exclamation mark disappears from the tab bar immediately.

Click on the video to see how it works:

Cross-references are finally a piece of cake

For too many years, we had to work with cross-references in MS Word, Google Docs, and similar tools. We understand the frustration. That’s why we spent a great deal of time to consider exactly how to make working with references smoother. Then, we implemented it.

We look forward to hearing your feedback–we want to keep implementing more helpful changes! 😉


Want to start working with cross-references? Here are some handy articles:


Here’s a quick comparison of how SMASHDOCs compares to other word processing solutions when working with cross-references. We’re sure you can see the difference:

 SMASHDOCsMS Word FileGoogle DocsMS Word onlineQuip
Function is availableYesYesYesNoNo
Reference to content of a heading or table/image signatureYesYesYes----
Reference to numbering of a text section, a table or an image (for example, "see number <1>" )YesYesNo----
Preview of an image or a table (without a direct navigation in the document)YesYesNo----
Compact display of the content of all sections referred to in a sectionYesNoNo----
Information for a reference to a section and if desired display of all referenced sections including their contentYesNoNo----
Automatic adjustment of the numbering and/or labels of the cross-references in question according to structural change in the documentYesNo, only manually via right click/"update fields"No----
Real-time notification in case of broken cross-references in the documentYesNoNo----
List with all sections which contain broken cross-referencesYesNoNo----


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