Intelligence makes the difference

At first glance, SMASHDOCs may appear like a simple web editor.

But there is one important difference: Intelligence

A SMASHDOC is an intelligent web document whose content is managed completely different in comparison to non-intelligent web editors such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Quip, or Dropbox.

Until now changes were managed through document versions

To manage changes in a document, creating multiple versions is the status quo.

With files, it quickly snowballs into a chaotic swirl of countless copies.

Non-intelligent web documents such as Google Docs are true version skids. After an allotted amount of time or a certain number of changes, they automatically create a new version of the document.



This inevitably leads to chaos, meaning loss of time and control. Even sophisticated document management systems have not successfully subdued the process.

SMASHDOCs manages content intelligently

The SMASHDOCs document editor, however, is based on a completely newly developed, patented, worldwide unique concept and technology.

The content of a document is automatically broken down to individual parts (the so called “fragments”). Thus every paragraph, every image and every table is managed separately in a data base in the background.

The SMASHDOCs front end assembles the separate sections in a document, enabling the user to work with it in an intuitive way–so much so, the user does not feel they are actually operating a database!


SMASHDOCs revolutionizes collaborative text processing

This concept and the technology behind it revolutionize text processing in many aspects.

With us, no longer worry over new versions of a document with every change of content. In SMASHDOCs, one single document contains the complete history of all changes and conversations.

Due to the structured storage of all changes within each section, a SMASHDOC always “knows” exactly who has made changes and when. Therefore, it offers a tailored notification process for each user – deciding which changes are new to the user and respectively highlighting them.



A SMASHDOC adapts itself automatically to the state of knowledge of each individual user (“Adaptive Redlining“), making tracking changes easier. Time-consuming version comparison and proofreading is gone for good. The adjustments and the updates appear when the user opens a document as well as when he simultaneously works on it with others.

SMASHDOC’s sectional content management sets completely new standards in respect to its reusability and production capability. A SMASHDOC is not a “document” in the traditional sense, also not an XML or Html document. Content can be exported flexibly and easily in every desired format with any imaginable design into any desired data structure, it can be saved in another data bank (such as for example component CMS) for reuse.

SMASHDOCs – a web-based platform for intelligent, collaborative text processing

SMASHDOCs works perfectly as a professional stand- alone solution or as in conjunction with other applications.


Create documents using the SMASHDOCs editor or import already existing content, for example, from a Word document, a web document such as Google Docs or a data bank.

Collaborative content review takes place using the numerous possibilities offered by SMASHDOCs. Expand capabilities at any time using third parties services such as the linguistic check of Acrolinx .

SMASHDOCs archives content and its changes for the long term. It could also be exported into every desired data format and data structure or respectively transferred tansferred to other systems where the content can be further processed or archived for the long term.

Thereby if needed SMASHDOCs turns into a web-based platform for intelligent, collaborative text processing.

Installable, integrable and completely remote controllable

SMASHDOCs is a cloud product which does not mean that it is only available as a public cloud solution.

We know that a lot of professional users would like to choose by themselves where their data is saved. That’s why you can use SMASHDOCs also as a Private Cloud On-Premise Installation.



The modern docker container ensures that installation and running of updates instanteneously happen extremely fast and easily.

Because SMASHDOCs’ functions are externally controllable via API , it can be integrated into any desired web application – both as a content type (“intelligent web document”) and collaborative content editor. For example, use it for collaborative review of WORD documents and convert documents into different data formats and structures.

This makes SMASHDOCs not only of interest for end users but also for product providers (for example DMS, ECM, File Sharing, Intranets, etc.) which would like to expand and upgrade their application functionally. Thus you can generate more revenue from existing customers as well as create unique selling points to gain new ones.