Ready to revolutionise the way you work?

After all, you’re done with spending countless hours doing document comparisons, tracking team members’ feedback, and readying for it production in an entirely different design form.

With us, all authoring, reviewing, and publishing is housed in one, intelligent document.

Forget the complications. Here, collaboration is under one roof.

We understand the status quo

This may sound familiar: you spend just as much time figuring out the collaboration pipeline as you do working tracking feedback through emails, incorporating comments from scattered meetings, and comparing document versions between team members.

Sure, there’s a plethora of sharing tools out there—and even tools that combine tools! But you’re still asking the same questions, re-sending the same updates, and still caught in the cycle of playing catchup.
But with us, always move forward.

Everything is housed within one document. No need to switch channels and worry about an edit falling through the cracks. Our intelligent document tailors notifications to each collaborator on a document, automatically dispersing critical information.


It may have been a “smart” solution in the past, but email is not an intelligent software that effectively navigates your team through a project. Yet companies rely on it due to the absence of an all-inclusive environment, producing

  • Never-ending version comparisons and faulty proofreading
  • The demand to manually manage for consistency in tables, images, and table of contents
  • An unreliable method of tracking and ensuring team members see changes

So we’re changing the paradigm

In a nutshell, SMASHDOCs is a web-based authoring environment with a database behind the scenes, specialising in intelligent processing. Our intelligent work environment tracks and notifies of real-time proposals, suggestions, and any other feedback.

Tailored to each collaborator on a document (or documents), team members never miss a beat.

  • No more meetings spent on updating the team on on-going changes.
  • No more back and forth across channels or converting computer files.
  • No need to worry about overlooking change or working in an old version.

Take Charge

With SMASHDOCs, you’re in the drive seat.
One work environment means more productivity and less complication.

1. Improved Quality Control

Every team member working within one document means a centralised point of focus, idea exchange, and iteration. Send a question to a team member within the document; delete a section and other users will know the idea was scratched; deliver a united front for client meetings with articulate branding. All conversations and drafts happen within SMASHDOCs to ensure a controlled, end-to-end process.

2. Production-Ready Design

Standard practice has normalized the time-intensive process converting formats into the final design and file. SMASHDOCs gives you the freedom to connect content and design whilst fine-tuning both separately. Only with a few clicks, you can export content to fit your corporate design or logo. Easily preview before the final step of seamlessly exporting it into whichever file you wish.
Forget coding in an XML editor or using Design Tools.
Like we said, this is a game changer.

3. Confident Content Creation Experience

Changes in our intelligent document are instantly synced, giving users immediate updates and eliminating the need to compare versions. Give your team the ease of transition between working online in different time zones to in-person meetings for optimal hustle. Approach with confidence the task of collaboration instead of stressing—you, your team, and your client will feel the SMASHDOCs difference.

You’ll thank yourself for taking the next step