Write and review documents
together with others

Just much easier and 10x faster than so far

Full history in ONE document

For every segment, SMASHDOCs saves all suggested changes and approvals automatically in only ONE document. So you can track who made suggestions, what needs to be seen or approved and when the approval was made.

Full History in 1 Document

Aware & Well-informed

SMASHDOCs always knows the most recent changes you have or haven't seen. It will automatically highlight all new suggested changes and even the approvals and rejections. Time consuming version comparisons and proofreading are a thing of the past.

Aware & Well-informed

Communicate flexibly & confidentially

Create comments, questions and private notes (which only you can see) and assign tasks – everything right in your document. And control for every conversation who's able to see it. So there's no more need for confusing parallel emails.

Communicate flexibly & confidentially

Further Highlights

Collaborate in real time

Collaborate in a real-time work space with others on ONE document. Understand immediately the new suggestions and accept or reject the changes.

Controlling and reviewing process

Authorized users can only suggest the changes and you can approve them at a later time.

No more unauthorized approvals

Separately specify which contributors are allowed to approve a document.

Export your content

Create a perfectly formatted WORD Document at the push of a button. Adjusting and designing at a later stage is child’s play.

Suitable for reviews

Everyday, millions of document versions are edited and created by companies, manufactures and all type of businesses. Until today, was no professional ALL-IN-ONE solutions. That’s why we created SMASHDOCs.

Suited for reviews

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Make your choice