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Collaborative content creation, without the complications

The whole point of collaboration is to tap into everyone’s best ideas. But time-consuming collaboration methods end up causing frustration. Maybe you’ve experienced these challenges:

  • Countless versions of a document, with hard-to-track changes and comments
  • Numerous emails and notes must viewed separately
  • Endless version comparisons to keep up with new changes

We created SMASHDOCs to smash through these barriers.

SMASHDOCs: an intelligent authoring process

You can’t create an intelligent document without an intelligent process. So that’s exactly what SMASHDOCs provides.

SMASHDOCs makes it easy to collaborate on a document, without all the hassles of Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

SMASHDOCs remembers every change, highlights new changes for you in real time, and produces a perfectly designed document with just one click.

Goodbye Version Chaos, hello Version Control

With SMASHDOCs, there’s no need to create multiple versions of your document. Every change you make to any element – text, images, or tables – is saved automatically. Need to refer to an earlier version? All it takes is the click of a button.

Notifications mean you’ll never miss another change

SMASHDOCs gives you automatic, real-time notifications every time someone modifies your document. That way, you’re always up to date.

See what’s new or changed right away

You no longer have to spend time comparing versions and hunting for changes. SMASHDOCs automatically highlights every new change for you, so you can review them at a glance.

Communicate right within the document – even if it’s confidential

At SMASHDOCs, we value efficiency. That’s why our solution lets you keep all of your notes and comments right within the document. You choose the audience for every note or comment, so you can limit access to confidential info – separate email not required.

Perfect design with the press of a button

Once your content collaboration is complete, it’s easy to publish the content in whatever format you want. Just press a button for a perfectly designed Word doc, HTML or XML file, or PDF. You also have the option to process your data in your CMS, InDesign, or another system. It all happens seamlessly.

See how easy it is to turn your SMASHDOCs content into a perfectly designed and formatted Word doc.

Get multiple installation options and maximum data security

Use SMASHDOCs in a public cloud. Or, choose a private cloud—either shared or dedicated—on a separate server in our German data center. You can also install SMASHDOCs on your own server. It’s completely up to you. Wherever you use SMASHDOCs, your data is secure.

More Highlights

Real-time collaboration

SMASHDOCs lets you work simultaneously with others – no more locked documents. Immediate notifications keep you updated on every change.

Professional roles and rights management

Control what contributors can see and do within your document. You can collaborate on some sections and keep others completely private. You’re in command.

Word Import

Content already created in Microsoft Word? No problem. Simply import your Word doc into SMASHDOCs and start collaborating with others.

Expandable Options

SMASHDOCs gives you flexibility. If you need special formatting options, a CMS interface, customized output formats, or an Acrolinx integration, we can make it happen.

Quick and Easy Integrations

Use our API to integrate SMASHDOCs with other web applications in a snap. Check out our information for product vendors and resellers.

Unique Features

We created SMASHDOCs with built-in intelligence so it can do more than programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Read up on the capabilities that set us apart.


We created SMASHDOCs as an easy way for multiple people to create, review, and produce documents.


Write, proofread, and produce books, reports, studies, articles, and more.


Create and coordinate/negotiate contracts, offers, NDAs, term sheets, position papers, patent applications, and other legal documents.


Develop and maintain manuals, software specifications, IT concepts, and technical documentation.


Collaborate on press releases, blog posts, product descriptions, customer communication, and sales support.

Save time and money and get rid of frustration

SMASHDOCs is your professional, all-in-one solution for collaborative authoring, reviewing, and publishing.

  • Store your data securely in a place that you choose
  • Collaborate with ease
  • Automatically create compliant documentation of the entire authoring and review process
  • Save time and money by working up to 10x faster than you can in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

These companies have found success with SMASHDOCs. How about you?


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