As many as 3 million new users planned each month

• Scalable development and marketing platform for collaborative word pro-cessing solutions allows for swift growth
• To date marketing reach of 80 million users, among other things in the ar-eas of publishing, contract management, academic texts and the production of annual reports and financial printing
• Perfect interplay with MS WORD

Munich, 21 September 2020–SMASHDOCs, a leading global development and market-ing platform for collaborative word processing solutions, is planning to post strong growth. The company expects to see some 3 million new users monthly. At present the first market-ready solutions are already available to about 80 million users worldwide through various in-tegrations, e.g. in Microsoft Teams. "We intend to massively accelerate our growth with new partnerships, clients and solutions," says Christian Marchsreiter, SMASHDOCs' founder and CEO. SMASHDOCs' solutions simplify and accelerate quite considerably the joint creation and coordination of texts of every kind.

Scalable platform allows for swift growth
SMASHDOCs is a highly scalable development and marketing platform for collaborative word processing solutions, which are ready for marketing within 6 weeks and can then be directly marketed immediately through numerous existing distribution partnerships and integrations to about 80 million potential users at present. SMASHDOCs' solutions are already available for the production of books, for agreement projects and for the creation of annual reports and financial printing. "In the coming months we will develop additional solutions on the basis of our platform which can be used immediately in many sectors worldwide," ex-plains Marchsreiter. Thus, for instance, a solution is also planned for students and professors at universities. "Scientific writing a multi-billion dollar market, which we can redefine totally with our technology." Six further solutions are currently in the development pipeline, which will be brought on to the market at intervals of one to two months. As SMASHDOCs is 100% API-driven it can be integrated quickly, easily and seamlessly into other applications, e.g. document management systems,document assembly software, intranets and e-signing solu-tions or can be connected to these.

Long-standing track record
SMASHDOCs has already been used for several years now by numerous renowned companies and institutions. Thus, among others, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group and Wolters Kluwer, a leading global software provider for law firms and legal departments, use solutions from the platform and have integrated these into their own systems. The Canadian Standardization Association has integrated SMASHDOCs into its intranet from Jive and runs SMASHDOCs in the Microsoft Azure cloud for the creation of highly complex technical documentation. Germany's statutory pension insurance company, Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV), pro-duces optically complex information brochures on social insurance with SMASHDOCs, which have to be updated regularly at very short intervals.

Complex text projects will be manageable
SMASHDOCs' solutions enhance the productivity and increase the working speed of the us-ers quite considerably. In particular this is the case when several users are collaborating on a complex word processing project. Among the totally new developments are the patented ver-sion monitoring at section level, whereby the customary spate of document versions is pre-vented, the likewise patented change tracking ("adaptive redlining"), as well as functions which aid compliance.Perfect interplay with MS WORD As it cannot always be assumed with word processing projects that all the participants can or want to work online, seamless interplay with Microsoft Word has been guaranteed. Word documents can be exported directly from SMASHDOCs with perfect formatting. Changes and new comments in processed Word documents can be imported into SMASHDOCs with just one click and logged there revision-safe.

Thanks to this compatibility SMASHDOCs is a powerful supplement to MS Word. In the near future there will be tremendous additional potential for scalability as a result of the seamless integration into the Microsoft online world.

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