Document Assembly Solutions connected with SMASHDOCs

Review and negotiate automated documents

Finally without version chaos
and up to 10x faster than before.
Reviewing / negotiating documents is often tedious
"Document assembly" solutions like HotDocs, Weagree, Contract Express, LAWLIFT, Exari, Neota Logic and many more are really good. Just answer a few questions. And these systems already create tailor-made documents via text modules.

But when they have to be reviewed internally with colleagues and / or negotiated with business partners, it often gets chaotic.
Due to the large number of document versions (because of changes, comments, etc.) and communication channels (emails, comments, etc.), complexity increases rapidly as the number of users and versions increases. Valuable time and nerves are wasted in order to achieve a "suboptimal" result.

This is where SMASHDOCs come into play and revolutionizes the process of collaborative document approval/negotiation.
SMASHDOCs simplifies and accelerates the review / negotiation of documents
SMASHDOCs closes the gap between the creation process through a document assembly solution and the final processing of an adapted final version of a document.
Create a document by answering questions in a document assembly system
Internal Review
Review and discuss the draft internally in SMASHDOCs
Invite counterparty and negotiate the document
Export or send to other applications for further processing the final, agreed document
The document assembly system simply does not create Word or PDF documents anymore that cause chaos periodically in internal review and negotiation, but sends the document content directly to SMASHDOCs.

There, any number of users - organized in different roles - can immediately review the document simultaneously or time-delayed, in order to then share it with the counterparty for negotiation in the next step, which also runs in SMASHDOCs.

Once the review / negotiation phase is complete, SMASHDOCs either produces a document in perfect design or hands it over to other applications for further processing, e.g. a document management or contract administration system.
SMASHDOCs ends the Word / PDF chaos - finally!
Tracking new changes in seconds
Users are reliably notified of news in their documents; new changes there are automatically highlighted and can be tracked immediately - without manually comparing versions and proofreading (-> VIDEO)
Secure communication in the document
Powerful, flexible communication functions allow even the most intense discussions on content in the document; thereby it can be regulated per comment who can see this; parallel emails for confidential discussions are no longer necessary.
Revision-proof process documentation
All changes and discussions are automatically saved in just one single document (and no longer as before in dozens of versions) and can be tracked separately at any time by pressing a button for each section (-> VIDEO)
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