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Sell SMASHDOCs and/or integrate it into your products.
It's worth it.
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Let's work together

Sell SMASHDOCs and/or integrate it into your products.
It's worth it.
More profit with existing customers
Offer your existing customers a fascinating, new product or an extension of your product, thereby increasing your existing profits.
New customers
Millions of users are looking for new, simpler, more efficient ways to process text. Use SMASHDOCs to win them over as your new customers.
Competitive advantage
Thanks to its completely new concept and unique, patented technology, there are many things that make SMASHDOCs stand out. Use them to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Our cooperation models

Sales partners
Sell SMASHDOCs to your customers as a stand-alone or integrated solution

The age of cloud computing has begun at least, so be a part of the revolution and grow together with us toward a promising market. We think and work globally, so we are always on the lookout for the right retailers and sales partners who share our values and visions. We are looking for potential value-added resellers (VAR) who would like to work with us in order to broaden our horizon together and become globally successful. The offer for our sales partners is conceived in such a way that there is a constructive relationship between both parties at all times. We also provide you with support, consultation, and sales materials so that we can ensure our partnership's success from the very start. We guarantee that our sales partners will be prepared to work competently with new customers by working with us.
OEM Partners
Integrate SMASHDOCs into your products

The OEM programme offers software sellers and technology providers the opportunity to easily integrate SMASHDOCs into their software solutions. SMASHDOCs can also be used as an additional module in your current line of products. Once you become a partner we allow you to sell the "Powered by SMASHDOCs" solution with everything that you need. Integrate SMASHDOCs and get yourself the solution based on the corporate design.
System integrators
Support SMASHDOCs users during conception, installation, and operation

With a generic solution approach and qualified personnel, our system integrators (SI) are able to offer start-to-finish and end-to-end solutions that can be perfectly integrated into existing software. System integrators offer implementation, integrations, and consultation for SMASHDOCs customers. smartwork solutions GmbH works with these influential service providers in its target industries to increase market share, acquire new customers, and foster existing customer relationships.
Other models
Along with these partnerships described above, we also offer other opportunities to work with us. We understand the complex world of modern IT very well, so simply get in touch with us if your requirements deviate from our standard partnerships in some way. We will definitely find an appropriate solution together. Click here and contact us directly in order to obtain more information.
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