SMASHDOCs for Book production
Proofreading and producing books can be so simple
SMASHDOCs for Book production
Proofreading and producing books can be so simple
The Problem
Proofreading and producing books used to be a real challenge
Reviewing manuscripts with MS Word or Google Docs with everyone else involved is tiresome. And time-consuming.
  • —Many versions of one document that have to be managed
  • Even more suggested changes and decisions about them
  • —Keeping track of new changes and comments upon receiving a new version
  • —Consolidating multiple versions into one new version ("collating")
  • —Countless comments, notes, and e-mails that have to be managed
    And then everything has to be manually converted to XML, InDesign, etc.
    That in itself can take hours.

    Now it's all a thing of the past.
    SMASHDOCs for book production
    Proofreading and producing books up to 10x faster than before
    Entirely new capabilities
    — Web-based proofreading
    No more sending Word documents or paper back and forth
    — Simultaneous editing
    No more waiting for new versions
    — All in one
    The end of the clutter of different versions
    — Automatic
    Everyone works in the same document that saves everything automatically
    Intelligent track changes
    Automatic highlighting of new changes and conversations
    — 1-click issue in any format
    No costly, time-consuming Word-to-XML-/InDesign conversion
    — Produce reprints without Word
    Just keep working in SMASHDOCs
    — Become more attractive to authors
    Authors also don't want the mess of different versions.
    Production manager of a large German publishing group after a SMASHDOCs demo
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    Take 30 minutes.
    Experience proofreading and producing books in an entirely new dimension.
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