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When can I contact smartwork solutions for customer support?

This depends on where your company is based. The following table describes the availability of support for each region.


EMEA: Monday to Friday to 6 pm. CET/CEST (Munich)
USA: Monday to Friday to 5 pm. EST/EDT (Munich)

All support times are excluding public holidays in Munich, Germany.

How can I reach customer support?

We handle support queries through written communication.

There are three ways to contact us:

How fast will my problem be resolved?

We classify and prioritize each request according to the following definitions:

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What is the resolution process?

  1. You open a support ticket.
  2. Someone in our support team identifies the problem and replies with a solution or workaround.
  3. If your problem turns out to be a bug or feature request, the support team opens an internal ticket. The internal ticket is assigned to our development team to investigate further.
  4. The support team gives you periodic updates on the status of your support ticket.

What are my duties during this process?

  • You need to provide us with a clear and concise issue description including all the necessary information that we need to reproduce the issue that you encountered.
  • This information includes software version information, log files, screenshots, and so on.
  • You need to provide us with a technical contact to assist with data gathering, testing and applying fixes.
  • You need to grant us access to all relevant data required to pinpoint and solve the issue.

What is covered by the maintenance?

We provide the following for no additional fee to all customers under support:

  • Maintenance releases / bug fixes
  • New software versions / enhancements
  • Integration Enhancements
  • Additions and modifications to the service

Are enhancements of features or new functionalities included in customer support?

No. If you would like to enhance the software or suggest new features, please contact us.

What do we warrant during the term of the agreement?

  • Even when using industry best practices, we know that there will be bugs in our system, as in almost all IT systems. We do our best to avoid bugs, but we apologize in advance if you're affected by a bug.
  • We do not provide a quality guarantee or any other warranty, unless we specifically have provided a written warranty document.