Do you have something to tell me?

Create conversations

If you want to discuss something, you can create a conversation directly in the document.

Simply right-click on the respective section and choose "New Comment" or "New Question" from the section menu.

If you want to discuss only a particular part of the section, select the desired part and create a new conversation. SMASHDOCs always displays the current status of the section – including a previously existing marking.

You can also decide who can see the conversation: only you (as a private note), all who work on this document or only certain individuals. Thus you can work in a confidential manner without having to send an additional email.

Keeping track of new contributions to a conversation

Similar to changes in the document, SMASHDOCs also notifies you in the case of new contributions to a conversation. If there are new comments/questions or answers, that you have not seen yet, a red notification appears on the left side.

Click on the respective conversation tab to see the list of all conversations that contain updates. Choose a conversation from the list, and you can see its course. If needed, you can reply and/or mark the conversation as complete.

In order to mark the new contributions as read, just go back in the list of conversations or click on the "Mark as read" button.