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What is SMASHDOCs?
SMASHDOCs is a highly efficient document creation and collaboration web application. It allows you to keep track of changes and manage user roles of contributors to a document in real time. It's a sophisticated solution that makes it simpler and faster to write and review documents. As well as keeping a comprehensive record of all changes made on one single collaboration platform. Revolutionising the way in which documents are created enabling a much smoother and fluid process.
I'm already using a document-editor, so why should I use SMASHDOCs?
The fact of the matter is that content management is becoming of increasing concern. A lot of so called document editors are first and foremost word processors with other features such as collaboration given as an afterthought. SMASHDOCs has been developed to concisely target these underlying issues such as the ability to handle multiple content contributors. It does this seamlessly and intelligently, allowing for complex document creation on a single version, in real time and much faster.
For whom/which companies is SMASHDOCs suitable?
SMASHDOCs is suitable for companies in every industry all over the world. Due to various applications, you can use SMASHDOCs for creating, editing and producing (almost) every document type. Moreover, the range of individual export formats ensures a simple and global usage of the produced documents.
Which document types can I write and edit with SMASHDOCs?
To put it bluntly: all.
SMASHDOCs is suited for creating, editing and producing various document types in a very simple way, e.g. contracts, concepts, manuals, business plans and press releases.
How does SMASHDOCs differ from other document-editors?
Simply put it is the extent to which SMASHDOCs really focuses on the aspect of intelligent content and collaboration. You have to imagine the ludicrous amounts of e-mails sent back and forward and the numerous versions accumulated just to create one document. SMASHDOCs allows you to completely do away with this rather clumsy way of working.
In what ways can SMASHDOCs be used by particular companies to improve workflow, is there a particular target market or sector?
It is not aimed at any particular market or exclusive sector. Its is a very dynamic and flexible application that can be used across various departments and industries.
Can I use SMASHDOCs in combination with other document-editors, e.g. MS Word?
We think MS Word and Co. are great, as long as you don't have to work collaboratively with it ;-)
You can import documents in docx. format and edit them with SMASHDOCs in a faster and better way with other users. SMASHDOCs creates wonderfully formatted Word documents, and compliments it very well when exporting documents from it. It would however be best if working on entirely new document, that needs to be be collaborated on, to avoid Word as the need for multiple version will eventually arise. Basically SMASHDOCs can be used a word processor in its own right, with the added benefits of intelligent content collaboration.
How can I make further use of my documents outside of SMASHDOCs?
You can export your final documents at the touch of a button into a Word document or into HTML – perfectly formatted and aligned according to your specifications. This way you can use your SMASHDOCs documents directly after exporting.
With SMASHDOCs Premium we further provide individual formats for exporting your documents exactly the way you want. Contact us and get more information about the benefits of Premium.

Data Security

Where will my data be saved?
All cloud versions (public cloud, shared private cloud and dedicated private cloud) are operated exclusively on German servers, which comply to the highest safety standards. If you decide to install SMASHDOCs on your very own server, you can be sure that our support also complies to the highest safety standards. The content of your documents is also protected with the utmost attentiveness. Only the user list determines who can see the content of the SMASHDOCs document. Thereby every user can always decide by themselves which user can see what content. Should any problems occur within the content of a document and you need the support, please be sure that even in this case no unauthorized user has access to your content. The support only gets access to the technical background and details.

You are in good hands with us, with security being one of our defining attributes.
Due to several factors as a company we are apprehensive of using cloud based solutions, however we are still interested in working with SMASHDOCs, what alternatives do exist?
We understand that some companies take security very seriously, and no expense has been spared to ensure that users of the cloud are at no risk of having their data compromised. However for extra peace of mind you can always run it as a private cloud with VPN connections and additional secure mechanisms. Alternatively on your own server behind a secure firewall.
Where do I get support in case something is not working properly?
Should any problems occur while using SMASHDOCs, you immediately get support from us. You have to submit a support ticket specifying your issues via the support center and we will get in touch with you as fast as possible. Please consider that support is only provided for SMASHDOCs Premium users.


How much do I have to pay if I want to use SMASHDOCs?
For individuals SMASHDOCs is free of charge. Click here and register for the Public Cloud.
For companies and enterprises we recommend SMASHDOCs Premium. The monthly price depends on the number of users and where you want to install the application. For more information and an overview of all prices, click here.
SMASHDOCs provides a Basic and a Premium account - what is the difference?
The Basic Account is free of charge and made for individuals. You work in the Public Cloud and don't get any support or service (SLA).
SMASHDOCs Premium is made for enterprises and organisations. We offer individual templates and a range of different formats for exporting your documents. Moreover you can choose between various deployment options and get world-class support and SLA. For further information about the monthly price and our deployment options, click here.


How can I register my company?
If you want to use SMASHDOCs in your company we recommend SMASHDOCs Premium. Send a request or click here and we will get in contact with you to discuss the details.
It is also possible to register free of charge and use SMASHDOCs in the Public Cloud. For this please click here .
What do I have to do if I want to register for SMASHDOCs?
If you want to use SMASHDOCs in the Public Cloud, click here and register for free. For SMASHDOCs Premium contact us here and we will get in touch with you to discuss the details.

Integration and Installation

Do I have to integrate SMASHDOCs into my corporate landscape if I want to use it?
You can use SMASHDOCs as a stand-alone-solution, however it has been designed in such a way that makes it extremely accommodating. It can be integrated without causing the need for any major overhauls with what you already have in place. It offers a good solid API with all the building blocks in place to facilitate the relative ease of implementation. Providing a future proof solution that will fit perfectly with existing applications.
I want to integrate SMASHDOCs in my company - what possibilities do I have?
You can use SMASHDOCs as a stand-alone-solution or as an integrated solution with other applications, e.g. intranets, CMS-/ ECM/ WCM systems and file-sharing-solutions. It is very uncomplicated and flexible built with integration in mind for those companies that wish to go down this route. Integration is possible in a matter of days all set up and ready to make full use of.
Which applications can SMASHDOCs be integrated with?
SMASHDOCs can be integrated in existing applications or tools, e.g. into:
  • document management systems
  • file-sharing solutions
  • intranets, social intranets
  • CMS-/ ECM/ WCM systems
  • Document Assembly / Generation solutions
For further information or individual specifications about the SMASHDOCs integration, contact us here.
Where can SMASHDOCs be installed?
SMASHDOCs can be used wherever you want.
You can use SMASHDOCs in the "smartwork solutions cloud" and decide if you want to share the application with others in the "Public Cloud" or get your very own "Private Cloud". SMASHDOCs is installed either on a "Shared Server" or on a "Dedicated Server". If you want to host SMASHDOCs on your own server behind the firewall, it is also possible. Your IT staff will like the ease of updating SMASHDOCs. Here is an overview of all deployment options.
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