SMASHDOCs for Publishing Fiction

Digitization and self-publishing remain amongst the biggest challenges for publishing houses producing fiction.

To circumvent the attraction self-publishing offers to authors, publishing houses need to offer new and powerful propositions to retain their authors and attract incoming talent.

A modern authoring platform diminishes the attraction of self-publishing

Publishing houses can now offer their authors a modern and web-based authoring platform based on SMASHDOCs.
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  • Authors are able to write within the editor or upload existing Word files to receive feedback from editors and colleagues. They can also alter privacy settings, allowing them freedom to decide who sees what.
  • The manuscript can be shared with professional proofreaders at any time. On our platform, changes can be made immediately and without media disruption thanks to our efficient formatting, proofreading, and collaboration process —no more commenting chaos or time-consuming version comparisons.
  • Formatting needs only to be set up once, remains the same throughout the whole proofreading process, and can be easily changed if desired.
  • Authors can preview their work as a Word or PDF file at any time to glimpse the final product.
  • Costly typesetting is no longer needed when using our easy export function. With just a few clicks, files and data are perfectly structured and ready for production. Files can then directly be reused in a publishing system, or InDesign for producing the final product.
  • Compared to self-publishing, authors receive an ISBN number for their books; they can be printed whilst the publishing house manages marketing and sales.
With our modern, web-based, authoring platform, publishing houses possess the opportunity to stop the self-publishing trend, creating new author cooperations and attracting upcoming talent for a collaboration.

SMASHDOCs gives not only the much-needed technology, but also the much-needed efficiency and functionality to publishing houses.

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