SMASHDOCs for magazine and expert information publishing

When it comes to magazines and expert information, content needs to be reviewed in a short period of time and be production ready — every day.

This leaves content needing to be finalized with the chief editor and author while requiring a designer on hand to produce accompanying graphics and/or video.

Countless Word versions, a flurry of emails, and lagging editing options complicate and delay the process. It generates further stress when rushing to meet deadlines.

SMASHDOCs accelerates the editing process significantly

SMASHDOCs is a modern, web-based, authoring platform for magazine and expert information publishing houses. It expedites the speed of the content review and production process by 10x!
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  • The author directly creates their document directly in SMASHDOCs or imports the draft as a Word document.
  • From then on, the author and their editor can fine-tune the content in a web document while a designer can create illustrations in parallel right from the beginning.
  • Everyone involved simultaneously can review and discuss about the content and design, producing the finished product faster and easier.
  • A perfectly structured XML file can be produced at any time. It can be directly pushed into a publishing system to be processed further. At the same time, an Indesign file can be created to be used for the publishing house's templates.