SMASHDOCs for Scientific Publications

The element of time can prove discriminating in the world of science. When research teams are exploring a subject, the first team to publish usually retains the right to be the inventor or discoverer. Time distinguishes the leading expert from the ones that follow.

Faster proofreading as an attractive competitive advantage

Publishing houses focused on scientific publications can offer teams a modern, web-based authoring platform based on SMASHDOCs, simplifying and quickening the whole review and production process.

As a result, the publishing house not only saves money, but is an attractive solution for the scientific community. They benefit from a faster process that will distinguish them as leaders of their field.

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  • The author can directly write in SMASHDOCs or upload work via the Word import.
  • All participants may access the document at any time online for reviewing and commenting, simultaneously or at different times. SMASHDOCs informs all users about new textual changes, thanks to our innovative and adaptive-redlining technology. Unique only to SMASHDOCs, our technology highlights changes immediately for each participant. Time-consuming version comparison is no more; the review process becomes seamless.
  • No more repeated formatting: all images, tables, headlines, cross references etc. are automatically numbered correctly; broken cross references are highlighted, giving editors the ability to see and correct conveniently.
  • Manual conversions from Word to XML and / or InDesign becomes obsolete. Every desired format and data structure can be directly exported from SMASHDOCs, allowing it to be pushed into a publishing system or InDesign where they can be further used.

    SMASHDOCs ist die Geheimwaffe für wissenschaftliche Verlage, mit der sie Autoren begeistern, erheblich Kosten senken und die Produktionszeit verkürzen können.
    SMASHDOCs stellt Verlagen dazu sowohl die notwendige Technologie als auch hocheffiziente Funktionalitäten bereit.