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Since 2004, ZOPYX has been realizing tailor-made solutions in the areas of content management, web applications and electronic publishing.

The core component of many publishing solutions is the CMS Plone and, based on this, the own Publishing Kit Produce & Publish as well as the XML Framework XML Director. ZOPYX's publishing solutions precisely integrate and combine open-source modules or commercial components for conversion, processing, storage and distribution. With Plone, there is a very powerful and very secure content management system available, which is used worldwide by large institutions and universities. Sophisticated rights management, configurable workflows and content types make Plone the perfect solution for small and large organizations. With SMASHDOCs, we are expanding our offer to enable our customers to collaboratively work on documents at any given time. The combination of Plone and SMASHDOCs allows the creation and editing of common documents and the permanent storage, publication and distribution of the content in the popular formats PDF, EPub, DOCX, HTML or further processing using our own XML technology solutions. The integration of SMASHDOCs with Plone is under a free license and can be downloaded free of charge.

Collaborative work with Plone and SMASHDOCs

ZOPYX integrates SMASHDOCs with the content management system Plone. SMASHDOCs created content is seamlessly stored in Plone along with the export formats DOCX, PDF, ePub and HTML. This ensures a uniform and consistent workflow in the joint creation and processing of documents. From a SMASHDOCs document, the export formats PDF, HTML, DOCX and ePub are stored directly in Plone and can be distributed and published at the same time. Besides, through the integration with Plone, SMASHDOCs can also be combined with our own publishing solutions Produce & Publish and XML Director. The manuscripts and documents created with SMASHDOCs are subject to the fine-granular rights management of Plone and can easily be combined with Plone's powerful workflow engine. With our solution, we support both Plone 4 and Plone 5. More information at
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