The Challenge of Collaborative Processing of Documents

It is not significant in which branch or what work environment you are employed or with whom you collaborate – almost everyone knows the situation in which several persons must work together on a document. It is like being in a mine field. Each person introduces his/her own suggestions for changes and improvements which is, of course, desirable, but this unfortunately leads to a vast number of various versions of the document whereby one can quickly lose track of things. Before long, innumerable comments, notes, emails and memos pile up and must be administered to all. It is hardly possible any longer to identify which version is the current version and which suggestions have already been evaluated. Making the decisions about what can ultimately be published is highly risky because one can never be certain whether all persons involved have, in fact, also received everything and have been updated regarding the most current status. Google has made an attempt to find a solution for this using online text processing with Google Docs and the Google Tables which albeit promise relative success. Problems constantly arise due to incompatible browser versions and file formats or unclear sharing settings which can quickly lead to a conflict in the collaborative processing of a document.

Requirements for Online Text Processing

What is really needed to control all these troublesome problems once and for all is an intelligent program for online text processing that manages to have several persons be able to simultaneously work together on a document without getting in each other's way or irreversibly altering the already accomplished work of the other persons involved. The time-consuming back and forth sending of the various versions in particular requires a great deal of effort and almost unavoidably leads to version chaos. It is especially desirable that the program could not only chronologically store all versions but could also highlight for the persons involved which new items have not yet been seen in order to keep everyone updated on the most current status.

Solutions from SMASHDOCs

It is now time that you get exactly what you have been dreaming about. With SMASHDOCs you have finally found the ideal program for online text processing in which the makers have really thought of everything and with which you can work together with several persons to edit a document. By virtue of the web-based proofreading, the irritating back and forth sending of versions has been omitted since you find all versions neatly arranged in chronological order with the respective author and separate comments in one document. The persons involved can also work on this at the same time which means that no one's individual workflow is being restricted. Thanks to SMASHDOCs, you are guaranteed to always be updated on the most current status because the program automatically takes note of which comments you have already seen and which you have not yet seen. Furthermore, one can very easily manage the roles and rights in order to establish clarity regarding who can and should read what and where. You will see that you and your team will have the final text before you much faster and more stress-free than previously and then it is really only a stone's throw until the document can be published. With SMASHDOCs, you can extend your corporate design to all documents in no time, and exporting the document to any appropriate file format and data structure also only requires one click of the mouse from you. On the whole, you are up to 10x faster thanks to this new form of online text processing compared to traditional programs. SMASHDOCs is versatile in its applicability in many different branches. Publishing houses, law firms, marketing agents, research institutes or also other types of businesses where documents are collaborative efforts will benefit from our innovative online text processing program. Discover a new generation in text processing with SMASHDOCs!
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