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At Toppan Merrill GmbH we strongly believe in supporting the organisations out there that are dedicated to furthering good causes. Whether that be from a humanitarian, environmental, social or educational perspective. As long as they are giving value and extending a helping hand to the causes they administer to. Qualifying nonprofit organisations, trusts or cooperatives can take advantage of our special offers.

We realize that charitable organisations also have mountains of documents to produce and edit on a daily basis. Make use of SMASHDOCs to make the process easier and faster, allowing more time to be put to the things that really matter. Have a look at our eligibility requirements and start making SMASHDOCs work for you.

Eligible Organisations

Nonprofit organisations are more than welcome to submit an application for our programme, providing they are a registered local or global organisation with a charitable standing.

Please note that organisations can't take part or benefit from the programme, if:

  1. They are a School, Institute of Higher Education or related organisation.
  2. They discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, creed, gender, nationality, ethnicity, gender identity or political association. The organisation must be an equal opportunities employer.
  3. Is a religious establishment such as a church or an evangelical organisation.
  4. Is an organisation that attempts to influence or sway public opinion, directly or through other mediums.
  5. Actively promotes or accentuates religious affiliation, doctrine or dogma in exchange for any of its services.
  6. Is a political party or engages in legislative proceedings of any sort.
  7. Is a private foundation operating independently, using grants or funds to benefit the owners, instead of self-preservation and sustainability.

Application Process

Submit your application to Toppan Merrill GmbH with the necessary information which will include the Nonprofit's legal name, website, where it is based and a brief description of what it is the organisation is involved in. You may be asked to provide additional details as requested. Once the organisation has been through our vetting process and has been approved, we will provide all the necessary registration details to get you started.

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