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SMASHDOCs - Software for Solicitors and Lawyers

Solicitors are not lone wolves. Regardless of which side of the law they represent, collaboration with several parties is unavoidable. Documents must be discussed and constantly amended with both clients and opposite sides. Previous text processing programs such as Word or Google Docs have, in this aspect, only led to a flood of various document versions.
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All fractions of the process begin their suggestions for changes in a separate document. The unclear amendments must be manually recombined in a final version. In any case, it can no longer retrospectively be understood which concerned party amended which paragraph; at most, this can be seen in a comparison of each individual version of the document. Work on a respective separate document leads to delays in the legal collaboration; one of the documents revised by a partner is constantly missing. Moreover, every little detail often counts for lawyers and solicitors. Information seemingly insignificant at first glance can turn the complete process workflow upside-down. In the chaos of a thousand document versions and simultaneously exchanged emails, it is unfortunately precisely this information that often founders. In the face of a complex number of suggestions for change, a lawyer has great difficulties being able to maintain an overview. At the same time, the nearly unlimited exchange of emails is necessary because not every negotiating partner should receive every bit of information.

Requirements for Software for Solicitors

Lawyers and other solicitors require a text processing software that allows for a quick and flexible editing process among several parties. Several legal fractions must simultaneously have access to the same version of a document and must be able to parallelly make amendments. The latter should be clearly identifiable and there should also be information as to which party has presently made the amendments. Every third party should not have access to all of the comments which, nevertheless, may not automatically lead to a ton of private emails. Despite a quick open collaboration, the ability to handle the contents of all documents with strict confidentiality must be ensured.

Solutions with SMASHDOCs

SMASHDOCs offers the ideal software for solicitors because it completely revolutionizes collaborative text processing. ONE web-based document is parallelly edited by all involved parties. Amendments are saved in the background and displayed to the other parties. In this way, you are guaranteed to not miss any new items.

With a single click, you will see the source of the amendment and can display all the previous versions of the document. Version chaos and lost information now belong to the past with SMASHDOCs. In a few seconds, solicitors have an overview of original comments thereby shortening the work process. The collaborative editing must not also mean that information is automatically forwarded to all involved parties. For each comment, lawyers can individually regulate who is allowed to see it. For this reason, nothing stands in the way of an efficient collaboration with solicitors from opposite parties with the SMASHDOCs software. Each party can easily import their previous documents from Word to SMASHDOCs or insert contents from other applications with the support of our API. The collaboratively created final product can likewise be exported in every possible file format.

Our software is customized for solicitors which also means complete security for your data. Our servers conform to the highest German security standards. SMASHDOCs can either be used in our absolutely safe cloud or on your own server. In any case, the legal data is 100% secure with us.
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