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The Software for Publishing Houses from SMASHDOCs

The process by which a book is created proceeds in small steps. From the first concept that is a casual note to a preliminary manuscript all the way to the actual text which must stow away a great number of changes and improvements until it reaches its final form. The number of persons involved differs from book to book, but it amounts to far more than just the author him-/herself. The course of the creative process, however, varies depending on the project and the publishing house, or publisher. There are publisher's readers, editors and possibly quite a number of external proofreaders and test readers at work alongside the author who would all like to contribute their comments and suggestions for improvements. Generally, this leads to a very large number of different versions which significantly complicates incorporating all these changes again into the correct document. This brings a tremendous flood of administrative work with it which creates extreme delays in the actual process because it costs the publisher an enormous amount of effort that can be invested more sensibly. When one has successfully overcome all these difficulties and only the optical edge is lacking, a good layout is often allied with such great effort that a graphic designer must be directly employed as well.
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Requirements for Software for Publishing Houses

In order to truly be able to work efficiently with several individuals on a book as a publishing house, an intelligent document is required. All involved persons will have access to this whereby they can insert their suggestions for improvements or changes albeit without irreversibly altering the current version. Furthermore, all changes must be clearly recognizable as such and be equipped with individual comments that must not be written in the actual text. It is likewise just as important for the publishing house to not restrict the individual work flow of the persons involved too much, particularly when dealing with a creative project such as writing a book.
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Solutions with SMASHDOCs

SMASHDOCs is an intelligent software for publishing houses that allows several persons to simultaneously work on a project. The irritating back and forth of sending various versions thus becomes unnecessary, and the confusing chaos has finally come to an end. The long waiting periods for the revised version so that a person can continue with his/her own work are over thanks to the web-based proofreading. The advantage of this software solution is that the document automatically saves everything, i.e., not only the new changes but also the previous version. SMASHDOCs also precisely knows which changes you have seen or not yet seen and automatically highlights the new changes so that you are always updated on the most current status. With SMASHDOCs, you are additionally spared the expensive and tedious conversion to the desired format. You can also extend the corporate design to the entire document without difficulty. For additional editions, the publishing house can at any time recourse to the SMASHDOCs software again and simply continue to work.

Using SMASHDOCs as a publishing house or publisher not only increases your own efficiency but also bolsters your attractiveness among authors. Furthermore, it does not present any problems at all in importing various types of documents to the SMASHDOCs software. Even an author whose manuscript, for example, had been drafted in Word can benefit from the immense advantages of collaboration with a publishing house using SMASHDOCs. Moreover, the software offers the opportunity to create a modern and interactive author platform. This assists the publishing houses in offering a counter incentive to the self-publishing trend. Discover completely new possibilities with SMASHDOCs! In addition to publishing, the program is very versatile in its use in, for example, marketing or the legal sector.
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