Keep Going

Share your draft for review and comments

After you finished editing your SMASHDOCs document, you can share it with other users to edit it together. Click on the blue button "start review" in the top-right corner of your document.

A dialogue box opens and you can invite other users as well as assign roles and additional rights to them.

Enter the e-mail address or the user's name (this only works if you've already worked with the user in another document) and enter the appropriate settings. After adding an user, click on the green "plus" button to put him on the invitation list.

When you are done inviting users, click on the "start review" button and your SMASHDOCs document will be shared with the selected users. The invitees get informed via e-mail that you want to share your document.

The document now tracks all changes and conversations can be started.

User roles and additional rights

Users can have different roles and additional rights for a document.

  • Reader: can only read the document
  • Commentator: can only create and answer conversations
  • Editor: can additionally suggest content related changes but cannot decide upon them
  • Approver: can additionally decide upon change suggestions

Additional rights:

  • Admin: can change other users' roles and additional rights
  • Invite: can invite more users
  • Section history: can follow the whole history of all sections

Edit a document together with other users

If you want to share a document for review, other users can work on it as well.

Learn how to work together in a smart way here.